National LGBT Health Awareness Week is Now

3/28-4/3/10 is National LGBT Health Awareness Week! A lot of things fit under this umbrella; the ongoing need for trans people to receive health care (I was going to add words like ‘fair’ and ‘adequate’, and realized we don’t need no darn modifiers), which means advocacy in the health care system and education of health care providers, and things like getting one’s HIV test.

It also means getting yearly exams, regardless of the state of your genitals. Get a prostate or cervix exam if you need it. A wise FTM doctor friend once told me he LIKED going for his yearly exam; his presence shook up expectations. I can get behind that. Maybe you can, too.

What Dysphoria Feels Like

I saw this wonderful video on the Bilerico Report.

Launching the new D.B. WordPress site

And we’re off and running! Real content to appear soon…